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 How to Arrange the Furniture in the Living Room


The first line in arranging the furniture in a living room you can see where the plugs are and to avoid covering them with furniture. If you think it will only make things more complicated, if you do not have easy access to the outlet and you have to pull ones and thus increases the risk of danger. So to avoid covering them.

living room furniture

 living room furniture

 living room furniture

The second tip is to the furniture in an even way across the living room. Avoid placing the furniture in one place, such a one side of the room or near the same wall, because it will completely asymmetrical and it will give the viewer the impression of a "sinking ship". Remember the "Titanic".

Not the whole place furniture against the walls. The living room is a place where you are supposed to socialize, meet friends, so if the chairs and benches against the walls and away from each other - this will be the conversation impossible. So make sure you call zones such as a sofa and two chairs placed around a coffee table. If the room has a large TV set, making the surrounding area of ​​interest.

living room furniture

Consider the room’s dimensions when arranging the furniture because you must not use too much furniture when the room is smaller or it will look really crowded. It is also important to leave enough space for traffic lanes, at least 20-24 inches. Nowadays people prefer the minimalist style in decorating the living-room, but you can make your own choices as long as you keep these basic rules.

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