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 Contemporary Bedroom Decorating Ideas


In feng shui, "commanding position" for sleep is as far from the bedroom door as possible, but you still need to supervise the entrance of the room. This gives a sense of security, while you sleep. 1.Try not position your bed under the bottom corner of the pitched ceiling, heavy beams or ceiling fan. These features are thought to contain the energy room depressed. Energy that can make you l with the feeling that the room is pushing down on you while you sleep. If you do not have the optimal choice, we can use a canopy bed or long cloth hanging from the ceiling to cure this problem.


2. Try to avoid positioning your bed under the window. A window has no symbolic support and protection of a solid wall. Lack of a solid wall behind you when you sleep can cause restless sleep a night, as energy belived to enter and exit through the window.

3. Headrests, especially those made of solid wood, is considered the best of good feng shui because they provide additional strength and support behind the head. Footboards, is seen as blocking forward progress in life. So do without the foot of the bed or keep it very low.


4. Whatever you do, make sure your feet do not show the door while in bed. In traditional Chinese culture, this is called "Death Position" because the body of the deceased carried out feet first. It is also thought to sleep in this way can drain your life force. If you can not avoid this problem, use a footboard or other part of the furniture at the foot of your bed. This will act as a buffer.

5. The most important leave enough room around the bed for energy to flow freely, and for everyone to wake up easily either. Listen Read phonetically
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